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Sunday, May 29, 2011

To DIY For: String Mâché Lanterns

Who wants to come have an art party with me and make these?!

This to-DIY-for project is brought to you by Wednesday.  It's messy, but looks relatively cheap n' easy and could be lots of fun if done with some crafty buddies.

Check out the full tutorial here!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gallery wall frames...check!

I scored this 10-piece gallery frame set at Ross for under 10 bucks!

The set includes:
one 8x10
three 5x7
four 4x6
two 2.5x3.5

I can't wait to fill them with art!  Here's a peek at some of the prints I have my eyes on.

I will most definitely be getting one of these "Home Is Where Your Heart Is" prints by LilyGene.  I'd like to get one of the Carribean Islands with one heart on Puerto Rico and another heart on Haiti (my two places of ethnic heritage).  I'm digging her colors "Deep Sea" and "Cherry"

Who wouldn't want 10 thousand kisses?!  And this peacock turquoise blue...gorgeous.

I love this Frida Kahlo print.  A inspirational Latina who's now afraid to rock a unibrow...and she fits in my color scheme.  It was meant to be.  Oh, and did i mention that the sizes for this print are customizable?  Swoon.

Foodie Wannabe: Asparagus, fava, and pecorino salad

So yummy...and even better, SO EASY!

I saw this crisp little treat on Bliss this morning.  This would be a perfect salad to bring to a pot luck barbeque, or to fix as a healthy mid-day lunch.  Check out the full method after the jump!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Self Interview: Living Room Edition

In an effort to clear the clutter from my mind and cure my design ADD, I've decided to interview myself the way bloggers interview the participants of their house tours.  Only, my interview will be about what I would like my apartment to eventually look like!  Here goes!

How would you describe what you'd like your living room to feel/look like?
Bohemian meets contemporary rustic.  Lots of textures.  Nods to both global bazaars and nature.  World Market meets Urban Outfitters with a splash of thrift.

What color schemes do you enjoy for this space?
For my living room, I am enjoying the idea of a "Moroccan Carnival" color scheme, which would be centered around my chili colored couch and my gun metal colored Apostrophe Chair.


Moroccan Carnival A
Moroccan Carnival B
What are the top 5   6   7 must-haves that you'd like to incorporate into this space?

1. Faux Antlers/Horns/Animal Heads (shown: Z Gallerie)
2. Faux Fur or Flokati Rug (shown: IKEA) 
3. Hanging Moroccan Lanterns (shown: Apartment Therapy)

4. A terrarium...or four. (shown: Augury on Etsy) 
5. Colorful throw pillows (shown: Sukan on Etsy) 
6. A wall gallery of neato Etsy prints (shown: Apartment Therapy)

7. Owls (Shown: AVelvetLeaf on Etsy, West Elm, Birdmafia on Etsy)

What are your dream decor sources for this room?
1. Urban Outfitters
2. Etsy
3. World Market
4. West Elm
5. Anthropologie 

Bike Racks from Urban Outfitters

I've been looking for you guys!

Bike Tire Tray & Wall Hook

Folding Wood Shelf Bike Rack
 This one is especially neato cuz it folds up into a more discrete position!  See?
Folding Wood Shelf Bike Rack

Design ADD - Part I

I've been so flustered lately.
Not only do I want to buy so many things and have NO money to pay for them, but I love TOO MANY styles.  I really should just shut-up, suck it up, and start DIYing.  But I have a fear of effing up a perfectly good piece of furniture, or spending money on fabric only to make a busted ass pillow.

I recently read about the "homework series" at The Marion House Book, which tackled the task of commitment issues in design and curating a cohesive home.  She actually got the idea from Holley & Gill, which I looked into as well.  Anywhoo...this got me thinking about these issues in my home.  I tend to be drawn to so many varying styles, color schemes, textures, and ideas that if i went with my gut (and had the income to actually do so) my apartment would look like a funhouse.  And not in a cute kitschy way.

I also had my usual recurring daydream of moving back to New York and thought to myself: "Self?  If you moved into a tiny little studio apartment in Morningside, your living room stuff would totally clash with your bedroom stuff.  Maybe you should try to make your whole home a bit more cohesive."  I agreed with myself.

So here's where I stand now:



All my walls are bare (eek!!!!) and i can't decide what fabulous Etsy prints I want to hang on them.  I have elements of every genre of design represented in my house (mid-century, contemporary, bohemian, scandanavian, etc.) and I need to bring it all together.

Stay tuned as I embark on this journey to cure my design ADD!

Hello Gorgeous: Button Bouffants

I am in LURVE.

Louis Vuitton Model

French metalworker, photographer, and design hero Anouchka Potdevin has stolen my heart with her button-on-canvas creations.  Inspired by models and performers with amazingly awesome hair, she has fashioned simple portraits of them on canvas and used buttons to style their 'dos.

Louis Vuitton Model

 Diana Ross

 Erykah Badu

Sadly, I can't see where I can actually purchase on of these beauties.  It does seem simple enough to DIY if you have the ability to screenprint the images onto canvas or are really good with a pen.

I Don't Get It: Overpriced Pillows

This just pissed me off.  Seriously.

I really want to get some cute throw pillows to spruce up my living room couch, but I keep coming across cute-yet-insanely-overpriced finds like these.  This makes me want to hurl four-letter words at my computer.  Why the hell would I pay $100 for a f&*%ing COUCH PILLOW?!  Who do you people think you are?!  I may not sew (I don't own a sewing machine) but I DO know that sewing a pillow is one of the easiest sewing projects known to man.  And unless your fabric has been woven with wool from the lamb of God, you can suck it.

That is all.

IDGI Disclaimer:  All images credits and sources in "I Don't Get It" are intentionally left out to protect the original poster from embarrassment.  If you really want me to tell the world that this is your awful idea, please leave a comment and I'll be happy to do that for you.  *wink*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are matching shams a sham?

This is my bedding:

This is the über chic "Mandala" line by DwellStudio for Target.  I currently don't have the matching shams, which are often not in stock.  Besides, I can't bring myself to spend $50 on two shams from Target anyway.  If I'm gonna spend that much money on two pillows that I don't even sleep on, they better be spun with gold.

I've also been toying with the idea of going with a different-yet-coordinating pattern.  Like these Zig Zag Shams from Urban Outfitters:

I should add that the hardware on my bedroom furniture is a similar Robin's egg blue, as is one of my sheet sets.

Yes?  No?  Maybe?

How Cool: Garage Turn-Around

If I didn't have to share half of my garage space with my neighbor, I would SOOOO turn it into a space for social gatherings.

Now granted, my garage is not nearly this big, but it would still make for a great social space.  I would add a small grill so that I can BBQ with friends.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Must-Haves: Shoes

And we're back with another edition of Summer Must-Haves!

Next up, is shoes.  This summer there are three essential shoes I need in my various colors each, preferably.  But I'll settle for one of each kind if I have to.

I need some fun flats.  Whether they be metallic boat shoes, lasercut oxfords, or dainty ballet flats...I need them.  Extra points for flats cuz they transition well into the fall.

I am LURVING braided sandals and heels.  In flat sandal form, they give a little polish to your jeans and tee, and with a heel you can take them from day to night like this *snaps fingers!*  Numbers 3 & 5 would look especially cute with little ankle socks or tights, no?

And then of course, we need a little height.  What with the sun shining and the breeze blowing and all...a lady needs to walk tall!  I'm loving floral heels, cutouts, and of course - tribal prints.  Wedges are extra cute if they're of the espadrille breed.

Take a peek after the jump to see where all these delicious finds are from.  I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.


I've had my eye on this bed since I moved into my new digs in November.  I have been wavering back and forth as to whether or not I really like it.  After seeing it in action, though...I think it's a must.

Room Envy: Emma Reddington of The Marion House Book


This room reminds me of a beautiful rustic house I once lived in while performing in The Berkshire Mountains.  I love so much about this!  The 12-inch baseboards, the handcrafted bed frame and matching bench...even the way the drapes are hung to accent the way the two windows meet in the corner.  This is the kind of bedroom I want to curl up in with a good book on a Northeastern rainy summer day.

I'm loving the gray walls with the rustic accent of a simple tree branch.  It looks kinda like the antlers I have been wanting to put on my wall.  And the faux fur throw on the chair is just sooooo inviting.

See more of Emma's house on her blog.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Must-Haves: Global Wear & Rompers

It's time for my everyday style to grow up.
Just because I have the day off, doesn't mean I should leave the house looking like a bum or a high school freshman.

Take a look at Part I of my summer must-haves: Global Wear & Rompers

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To DIY For: Emergency Clutch

Make one of these:

Out of this:

Just click here.

I Don't Get It: Paper Blossom Overload

I can't seem to form a true opinion on this.

At first I let out a little "Ooooh!" as I marveled at the delicacy of the blossoms and the comforting shades of pink and coral.  But then...I noticed the crib.  Now think about a baby, wouldn't you think that would FREAK you the "F" out?!  Not to mention the afterthought I had about dust collecting and falling on your newborn baby's developing immune system.
I dunno.  I just don't get it.  I kinda like it...but I still don't get it.
Buuuuttt...maybe I'll try it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Succulent Succulents

I love a good succulent.

I want them in a terrarium.

Chevron that won't break your bank

You get it?  I made a "gas rates are rising" joke.  Eh...nevermind.

With only canvas, painter's tape, and some gold metallic paint, Jess from Makeunder My Life was able to jump on what is one of the most prominent design trends...for cheap.  Like under $50 bucks cheap, and that's only because the larger canvases were $22 each.

I think it would be rad to paint this pattern on various smaller canvases, and in bright colors.  Then, display them on in a gallery style (either framed or unframed).

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Funny Ha Ha: La Bamba Bear Mug

Someone buy me this NOW...

Doubletake: Mural-like Tapestry

I had to look at this picture more than a few times before I realized that what looked like a mural was actually a wall hanging!  How gorgeous is this?  Notice how the wall is painted in the same shade of grey as the background of this tapestry.

This got me thinking...
Urban Outfitters has a great variety of wall tapestries with which one could try such a look: