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Saturday, July 9, 2011

To DIY For: Jersey Knit Bracelet from V and Co.

I used to love a good friendship bracelet.  The thought of those braided rainbow bands bring me back to Camp Timber Trails, campfires, and pigtails.  But somewhere down the road, friendship bracelets became childish and unfashionable.

Until now...

If these DIY bracelets by V and Co. don't make you want to run to the nearest fabric store and make one for each of you closest had no childhood and I pity you.  But for those of you who enjoy a handmade bracelet, check out this tutorial from V and Co.

It's super easy, ad once you get the hang of it you'll be making bracelets in just 5 minutes.  Vanessa shows you how to make two, three, and four-fingered woven bracelets that are perfect for summer trips to the beach or backyard BBQ's.

Here's how my first one turned out:

Mine is a little rougher around the edges, as my edges weren't as clean while I was cutting my fabric.  I don't mind it gives it a bit more edge.

Happy finger-weaving!

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