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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Don't Get It: Vintage Phone TP Dispenser

Ring, Ring!
Yes, this is the tackiest DIY Project ever calling.

Someone please tell me this is "Tacky DIY Project" Day.
This vision of beauty is a toilet paper holder made out of a vintage phone.
Great, I'm gonna need this to call my doctor since the sight of this thing makes me constipated.

And the classiness continues.  The toilet paper roll is held up guessed it!  A GARTER.

IDGI Disclaimer:  All images credits and sources in "I Don't Get It" are intentionally left out to protect the original poster from embarrassment.  If you really want me to tell the world that this is your awful idea, please leave a comment and I'll be happy to do that for you.  *wink*

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Where do you find these things? Not only is this atrocious, but it's impractical. I doubt the paper can even spin.